My work is the result of a fixation with a recurrent theme: Cuba.  It is mostly nostalgia.  Yearnings I transform into ornaments to embellish the heads of women of another era: “Habaneras”,  the lovely women of Habana who had to make themselves even more beautiful, so that the splendor and beauty of  their city would not outshine them.  Their  heads are adorned with stained glass windows, flowers  and elaborate designs curled up softly like the old gates abundant in a by gone era.

Vibrant colors and elaborate detailing make up the faces of women who  once lived  in a magical city and despite time and distance their vision is focused on returning home.  I paint virgins, angels, doves, butterflies, shells and Cuban hearts that travel the world bearing the colors of the Cuban flag and whose  permanent  habitat is the wonderful world of memories. The Havana of my childhood and my dreams was a city of lights. Not the garish neon lights that once were abundant. I remember crisp bright sunlight sneaking through the crevices of wooden shutters, intensifying even more the colors of old stained-glass windows. Dusk brought upon the city an amber glow that had the familiar warmth of a long embrace. Each stroke,  each color is for me  in itself, a return to  my lost city. Thus I paint, and like the Chinese poet Li Po, “I dream that I am home” – Ninoska Perez Castellon